EU Cookie Law Compliance – made EASY

CookieTab offers you quick and easy way to comply with the new EU Cookie Law Regulations

What is CookieTab?

CookieTab is a solution to the new EU Directive which can be installed in your Website in just a few minutes. Once installed, it will display a small orange 'Cookie' tab on the left hand side of your website pages. When the user first visits the site, and every 30 minutes there-after, it will display a small message stating that the website uses cookies and that one or more will have already been installed. The user can click on the tab for more information.
  • CookieTab can be installed onto your website in minutes
  • providing your website visitors with clear information on the use of cookies,
  • and allowing them to make informed choices and give their consent.
  • CookieTab works on all major website browsers.

Avoid fines of up to £500,000

On 26 May 2011, the amended Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations came into force in the UK and EU. The new rules require that any website using cookies must ask the user's consent before installing cookies. UK Businesses was given 1 year to comply, however the ICO has already been issuing warnings, and has had the option to issue fines of up to £500,000. The deferment is about to end and UK Businesses must comply by the 26th May 2012 when the law comes into full effect.

CookieTab: A Quick and Simple Solution to the EU Cookie Laws

EU Cookie Law CookieTab CookieTab, with its simple interface and clean design, helps you comply with the new EU Cookie Law. CookieTab (you'll find it on the far left of this page) uses pop-out and pop-up boxes to provide the visitor with information and choices regarding your website's cookie usage, helping you comply with the new regulations. When you order CookieTab, we'll also send you example 'Cookie Use' information to insert into your Privacy Policy document.
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CookieTab is much more than a pop-up!

We believe CookieTab is fully compliant with the UK's amended Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. When you install CookieTab on your website it is more than just a onetime pop-up, to comply with the regulations you need to be seen as actively advising your audience that your site uses cookies, CookieTab does this by alerting a visitor when they first visit the site and if ignored it will periodically continue to alert them.

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